Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

Policy Published Date: 11th March 2020.

Doxbond continues to follow the World Health Organisation (WHO) and UK Government advice and recommendations in regards to the control of the Coronavirus.   We can confirm that as of the date of this publication, no Doxbond personnel have visited any of the following locations within the last three months: 

  •  – China
  •  – Iran
  •  – South Korea
  •  – Northern Italy (anywhere north of Pisa, Florence and Rimini)
  •  – Hong Kong
  •  – Japan
  •  – Macau
  •  – Malaysia
  •  – Singapore
  •  – Taiwan
  •  – Thailand
  •  – Cambodia
  •  – Laos
  •  – Myanmar
  •  – Vietnam

Doxbond respectfully request that all customers inform us if any of their staff are diagnosed with the COVID-19 Virus (without delay) so that we may take the prompt and necessary action required. Call 01624 670 151  or email (marked Urgent):

Doxbond have taken steps to implement the recommendations from WHO and the UK Government in order to minimise and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

All Doxbond personnel have been provided with antibacterial hand wash and one-use sanitation gloves.  They have been instructed to wear these gloves before entering; and upon leaving your premises.

We will also inform our customers, should any of our personnel have reason to self-isolate or test positive for COVID-19.

Should the Isle of Man Government report a positive case of COVID-19 which has been contracted within the Isle of Man, Doxbond will implement our business continuity plan, in order to maintain and support our valued customers.

The following procedures will come into force:

Stage 1 – All personnel will work apart from one another in silos (operational silos and delivery silos).  Staff communication will be restricted to mobile phone use only.

Stage 2 – If the situation deteriorates within the Isle of Man, Doxbond will only attend emergency call outs for bin exchanges and box/tape deliveries with the latter taking priority, as only one member of staff will be allocated to each job and vehicle.  We will only attempt delivery/collection to sites clear of COVID-19 for a period exceeding 14 days.

This could restrict or delay services and communication with Doxbond.  We would ask that in this instance, the client takes prudent measures to ascertain the relative level of urgency versus resources and risk to both parties’ staff.

Due to potentially low numbers of staff, and potential delays to bin exchanges and box/tape deliveries, extra bins can be delivered prior to a report of a positive case, subject to availability.

Doxbond will do everything in our power to continue to support our customers in what may be a difficult time.  As a responsible company we must put in place measures to not knowingly spread on the COVID-19 virus.

I hope this notification provides you and your company with the necessary assurance that Doxbond is taking the situation seriously and are doing everything we possibly can to play our part.


Matt Oakes

Managing Director, Doxbond Ltd